ООО «НТЦ Волоконно-Оптических Устройств» г. Москва

«Optofiber» Limited Liability Company, Moscow, Russia
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  • Fiber optic for spectral range 0.2- 2.3µm; 1.5-5.6 µm; 4-17 µm
  • Fiber optic Cables for Lasers and other Light Sources7
  • Fiber Optic Spectral Probes for biomedical application “in vivo” & “in vitro”
  • Multi-channel fiber optic probes with high informative capasity
  • Fiber Optic Sensors and Devices
  • Components of complex systems based on fiber optic for harsh environmental.

25 years of experience of our team in the development of fiber optics and sensor technology .

We can help to effectively solve and realise most R&D problems

in wide Spectral Range from ultraviolet to infrared radiation.

Our technologies allow us to produce fiber optic cables, spectral multichannel probes, fiber catheters for Biomedicine, multichannel fiber bundles, both with standard optical connectors (SMA-905, SMA-905 F, ST, FC/PC, etc.) and with customer design requirements.

We provide all the necessary technical and commercial support for scientific R&D projects.

Our Developments of recent years:

  • Optical Cables for lasers and lasers with short time pulses
  • Spectral Sensors- Mini Spectrometers with fiber input FSD10v.6 with FSD Soft software.6-1
  • Spectral Probes for 0.2-17µm bands for different environments including special operating conditions

We are ready to provide fiber components for a wide temperature range from -70°C to + 600°C, as well as in aggressive, explosive, radioactive environments.

We will be glad to answer for any technical question via E-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by Skype gldan46