ООО «НТЦ Волоконно-Оптических Устройств» г. Москва

«Optofiber» Limited Liability Company, Moscow, Russia
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  • optical fibers in the range of 0.2-2.4; 1.5-6; 4-18um
  • fiber optic cables for lasers and other radiation sources
  • multichannel fiber optic probes, sensors, devices
  • Components of systems based on optical fibers for special tasks.

For more than 20 years we have been supplying optical fibers, light guides, UV-VIS-NIR-IR fiber optic cables, mini spectrometers, fiber sensors, fiber probes for scientific research and for use in various special equipment in high-tech industries of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Our developments in fiber optics technologies and sensors provide solutions to the complex problems of new optical fibers in a wide spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared radiation.

The optimal choice of high quality fiber with various types of sheath (polyimide, metal, tefzel, teflon, nylon, polyamide, acrylate) is the basis for an effective solution to your problem.

Our technologies make it possible to manufacture fiber optic cables, spectral multichannel probes, optical fibers for biomedicine, multichannel fiber bundles, both with standard optical connectors (SMA-905, SMA-905 F, ST, FC / PC, etc.), and with connectors of a special type according to customer requirements.

We not only offer the most diverse products of leading companies, but also provide all the necessary technical and commercial support in the process of selecting the most successful solution for the tasks.


Our developments over the past five years

spectral and reflective probes for temperatures up to +400 C - +700 C

unique fibers, bundles and probes for diagnosing various difficult operating conditions (vacuum chambers, high-temperature environments, high-pressure reactors, radioactive and chemically aggressive environments, biomedical equipment).

optical fibers, fiber components for remote control for the temperature range from -70°C to +700°C, as well as for the control of aggressive, explosive, radioactive environments.

  • spectral sensors - mini spectrometers with fiber input FSD10v6 and software FSDSoftv.6
  • collimators and refocusers for spectral tasks based on quartz optics
  • spectral probes for ranges 0.2-16 µm for various environments including special operating conditions
  • power optical cables for high-power lasers
  • Quartz sheathed fiber optic cables with mode removal